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Heroes and Hobbies is constantly updating our Comic Collection for our customers.  We receive weekly orders of the latest and greatest comics, for our beloved customers to enjoy!

Below, you can browse the list of newly released comics.  submit the titles of the comics you’d like to receive, and we’ll package them up for pickup at our shop! Start your Pull List Below!

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Updates every Monday! Please click on an item to learn more about it.

Note that the suggested retail price (SRP) on PREVIEWS world is quoted in USD and may not reflect our store prices.

All new release comics may not necessarily be available. Please send us a message prior to ordering to ensure we can fill your order.

Please Click on Previews world to see upcoming Comic titles in the Preorder CATALOG section to secure your copy! 

Step 1: Open Previews World

Step 2: Hover on Catalog, then click COMICS

Step 3: Browse your titles

Step 4: Collect your comic titles and codes (ex: DEC190000) Copy and paste to pull list section

Step 5: Submit your order!

A $2 Pre order deposit is applied to each Title. When comics arrive, $2 will be applied as credit per book.

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